Time out

Over the past few of months our leadership team have been thinking forward to 2020 and the posabilities of whe whole Church going away together for a weekend

’Time out’ Is about having a brilliant weekend at our church in Thornton and taking some time out from hectic schedules and to meet with God, to be still in his presence, be inspired by great teaching and be empowered by His Holy Spirit.

’Time out’will be more than a weekend, because we’re taking Time out for a very specific reason.

We want to gather together to plot and plan how we can advance God’s kingdom in the world, and be part of a church that’s seeking to infect and transform the culture around us with God’s love, his grace and his power.

St James church is rooted in the love of God and dedicated to transformation through the works of the Holy Spirit.St James church, 300 Thornton Road, Thornton Bradford, West YorkshireEngland. BD13 3AB St James 2023