lyfe groups Directory

For more information or to join a Lyfe group please contact Mavis Rouse on 01274 889 807 or email  

Lyfe group 1

Where:                    Vicarage              

When:                      Every other Thursday @ 7:30 pm

Group leader:       Harry Gwinnett      email:

Lyfe group 2

Where:                    Hoyle ing Road Thornton

When:                      2nd & 4th Thursdays @ 8:00 pm  

Group leader:       Mavis Rouse 

Lyfe group 3

Where:                     Hughendon Drive, Thornton

When:                       Every other  on Thursdays at 7:30

Group leader:        Andrew and Lynn Carter email: 

Lyfe group 4



Group leader:        

Lyfe group 5

Where:                    Denholm Gate

When:                      Twice monthly TBA

Group leader:       Mike and Liz Joyce 

Lyfe group 6 

Where:                    Wembley Ave, Thornton

When:                      Twice monthly on During the day

Group leader:       Gloria Hardisty  email:


Where:                    St James church

When:                      Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm

Group leader:       Gloria Hardisty  email:

Your group

If you have a passion for something and would like to start a group please contact Harry

Where:                    TBA

When:                      TBA

Group leader:       You

Xite team   

This group meets to plan the content of our Sunday morning young peoples activities

Where:                       In church 

When:                          TBA

Group leader:          please email:

The Team:           Justine Gwinnett + John & Lorraine Lee 

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